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Project details

Maximizer (.\\, .\\) aims to scale and enable sustainability for Avalanche ecosystem projects.

Why Maximizer?

🤝 True Ecosystem Support - We have started with the no-selling yield optimizer, "Maxi Vaults". The Maxi Vaults do not harm projects as it does not sell any project's tokens but instead compounds yields back into the vaults. It has proven to be successful in providing our users with strategically-tailored portfolio valuations since majority of the tokens on Avalanche are currently higher in valuation compared to a month ago.

The 〽️ Reserve Currency is a protocol of ours that supports Avalanche projects. Instead of simply locking up commonly used tokens, the Maximizer protocol accepts Avalanche tokens as part of treasury. This way, we grow together.

Future Developments

↔️ Liquidity Redirection

The rise of multiple AMMs within the ecosystem fragments liquidity across the ecosystem. This results in less-than-ideal slippages during trades, especially when trading in size. Maximizer's future iteration assists projects concentrate (redirect) their liquidity to a particular AMM.

🚸 Liquidity Bootstrapping

New projects might find it hard or confusing to pool liquidity for their launch. Maximizer may potentially ease this by providing newer protocols assistance in accepting its liquidity pairs as the principal token for minting/bonding. This way, the projects could focus on their own development while not stressing about initial liquidity raising


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