Making #DeFi on #Avalanche Great

Avaware is a DeFi platform and ecosystem of projects built atop the Avalanche network. LP Mining, NFT Events, Marketplace, & Staking. Launchpad Events, IFOs, Stable Coin & More.


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Project details

Our primary DeFi product Avaware.Network gives our users multiple earning opportunities. Avaware.Network is a platform that has all your DeFi needs covered in one simple and easy to understand package. Our goal is to build real solutions and make DeFi and all that has evolved around it accessible to anyone with a phone.

We offer a wide array of services to builders, investors, and creators. We've built Avaware's LP Mining Farms around the battle-tested and heavily audited Synthetix StakingRewards.sol to make sure your funds are safe. Instead of making things more complicated we've taken the opposite approach, and tried to make things simple, useful, and understandable.

The NFT section is flexible, we can handle everything from simple NFT launches to whitelisted private sales for our partners. Our Stable Token AUSD is backed by an array of Stable Coins which gives us the ability to peg NFT sales to a fixed amount. This opens up arbitrage oppurtunities, allows us to raise funds with precision for both projects and artists alike.

The Launchpad gives access and transparency instead to all community members instead of just a handful of select few. Avaware's portfolio of projects consist of marketing properties which we can leverage for our partners, farms, and advisory guidance, Initial Farming Offerings let users stake AVE and earn the new project's token, since Avaware has been around for nearly a year now, allowing a nice even distribution of your token to anyone that would like to partake. We offer airdrop as a service, and much more. All this makes Avaware a great option for teams looking to launch their project on the Avalanche network.


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