The first economic guild of the metaverse.


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Project details

Fief is the first economic guild of the metaverse with the primary objectives to acquire key assets from across the metaverse and drive the value of those assets through the combination of a highly-gamified guild faction system and decentralized protocols.

The Fief guild is driven by the FIEF, a utility and reward currency that is tied to the productivity of the Fief Treasury. This treasury value will first be comprised primarily of highly liquid fungible tokens, but in time will include a substantial portfolio of play-to-earn and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from major metaverse projects.

Over time, Fief will evolve into a suite of decentralized guild protocols to supercharge the utility of metaverse NFTs and economies. The decentralization of the Fief protocol will be made possible via a combination of on and off-chain governance.

These documents are intended to provide clear information to Fief participants, including FIEF holders, third-party guilds and projects, and more.


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