Welcome to the first CLOB dex on Avalanche

Dexalot’s mission is to bring the traditional exchange experience-namely the Central Limit Order Book capability-in a decentralized manner through the use of a fast and scalable blockchain-Avalanche.


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Project details

Dexalot is an exchange aiming at bringing the traditional centralized exchange user experience without compromising on decentralization and transparency. As such Dexalot implements an on-chain Central Limit Order Book for its trade pairs on the Avalanche platform. Dexalot allows for users to trade ERC20 tokens supported on the C-chain against the blockchain native currency AVAX. Users can also trade supported ERC20 tokens against other supported ERC20 tokens.
Dexalot has three differentiating characteristics that set it apart from other centralized and decentralized exchanges:

  • Ability to place limit orders full on-chain
    • Traders can set the size and limit price for their orders. If an order matches an existing order in the order book in terms of price, it removes liquidity (taker order) and executes immediately. If there are no immediate matches in the order book, the order will be added to the order book as a new maker order. Taker orders do not have to be all-or-nothing (AON) as Dexalot supports partially filled orders where the unfilled portion of an order automatically enters the order book as a maker order. Dexalot supports market orders as well but this functionality will be turned on for trade pairs individually that reach appropriate liquidity levels.
  • Inclusion of users through governance
    • Dexalot will issue its native token in the near future to implement a governance model as well as create incentives for it's loyal users. The distribution of the token will follow a fair distribution model to ensure strong community ownership and participation in governance..
  • Built on Avalanche
    • Dexalot chose the Avalanche platform for its obvious advantages in speed, throughput and near-instantaneous finality. Previous attempts to bring Central Limit Order Book Functionality on blockchains with inferior consensus protocols typically led to limited adoption, high slippage and large amounts of market risk for the users. Dexalot solves these problems by operating on the C-Chain and it will also look to further improve usability and user experience by potentially moving the technology to a subnet after key platform updates and adequate adoption.

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