Pepo Paradise

Uniting NFT Pets across Metaverses

A cross-chain social Petaverse around NFT you already owned, with a novel Feed2Earn ecosystem. Built on AVAX by an award-winning gaming studio.


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About PEPO Paradise

"PEPO Paradise: Powering Metaverses With GameFi Pets"

Inspired by popular games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Neopets & Super Smash Bros., PEPO Paradise is a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique "FEED-TO-EARN" mechanic in a Sandbox environment on Avalanche. Anyone can breed and own cute pets(PEPOs) that live on the blockchain. These pets drop Tokens and various kinds of NFT rewards occasionally for the owners to earn and trade on the platform marketplace.

We seek to develop PEPO Paradise as the most prominent platform for NFT based interactive pets (PEPOs). We will actively collaborate and incubate other fun projects to bring PEPO onto other metaverses and vice versa.

NFT holders now have the opportunity to validate and display their assets in the game. This seamless integration allows the NFT owner to connect their wallet to PEPO Paradise and then select which NFT they’d like to deploy on their virtual island as PEPO.

With our cross-chain technology, NFT IP partners from different chains will be able to integrate with PEPO paradise and register their NFT to become one of the PEPOs, with a standardized format, which can then be deployed to partner Metaverses.

"PEPOs, the future standard of virtual pets"

PEPOs are standardized interactive virtual pets built with the latest blockchain technologies. Any NFT brand can be one of the PEPOs, including NFTs on chains like Etherium, Solana, Polygon, etc. Our technology allows us to perform cross-chained NFT ownership verification. So if your hold an NFT and it is one of our partners, congratulations! It is one of the PEPOs and you can enjoy all the benefits immediately. All PEPOs are NFTs under the ERC-721 standard, so players have actual ownership over them. Each PEPO has unique genetic codes on its attributes, which affects its performance in future minigames, events, and rewards.

"Introducing the FEED-TO-EARN revolution"

By taking care of your PEPOs and keeping them in good condition, bonding between the owner and the PEPO slowly builds up over time. PEPOs drop token rewards, blueprints for crafting, and lay Eggs occasionally depending on the bonding score. PEPOs with high bonding scores may even drop exclusive NFTs items in the ecosystem!


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