We help Farmers get supplies and advocate Core Values of Agriculture & Nature

Dankest Goats on Avalanche ! Crowdfunding real Farmers through NFTS and special events.


Quest board


Project details

Shepherd owned

Made with love by an anon shepherd willing to promote the core values of agriculture and nature.

1221 Supply

We believe a low supply will help us achieve great things while rewarding the community with rare NFTS and most importantly, reward farmers in need.

Shiny and unique

Our NFTs are all unique, with over 20 attributes, including epic crossovers from our favorite Avalanche frens.

Goals and core values :

  • Showcase farmers and their amazing skills
  • Promote little farms with high quality products
  • Educate people about changing their consumption habits.
  • Help farmers in need through crowdfunding and special events.
  • We want to educate people regarding environmentally friendly agriculture

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