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Canary Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which runs on Avalanche, the most promising and the fastest blockchain!


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Project details

Intro to New Canary DeFi Ecosystem

Canary has always been striving to be more than just DEX. DeFi is very young industry so we thought of how to make it more accessible and easy for people to join as we strongly believe it is the future of finance. That is why we are building NewCanary - all-encompassing onboarding ecosystem. It already has it own CNR Token to experiment and earn with DeFi tools, BoogeyBirds to showcase how NFTs can be applied in DeFi, AVAX Prediction dApp to have some fun and Canary Academy to spread the knowledge and insights

Canary Yield Aggregator

  • Fewer liquidity pools which would allow to increase the depth of the pools (i.e. minimise the price impact) and increase the reward per each LP token
  • Reward payout in two tokens ($CNR +$PNG) and/or ($CNR +$JOE) to attract more users to Canary, Pangolin and Trader Joe platforms as well as minimise $CNR inflation
  • Users also will be able to stake single $AVAX or $CNR

Avax Prediction Game

"AVAX Prediction", one of the most popular applications of the DeFi world, is now live on Avalanche Ecosystem by Canary! Prediction game is a fun and simple decentralized prediction market. Predict whether AVAX's price will rise or fall – guess correctly to win!

Boogey Birds NFT Collection

“Boogey Birds” is a Stake-able NFT collection on Avalanche network created by well educated artificial intelligence where each bird possesses a unique set of playful characteristics.

Stake your Boogey Birds to Canary Exchange!

Boogey Birds are not just fancy pictures. In fact one of first features they will boast is stake-ability! You heard it right bird lovers - after you get hold of your birdie you can stake it at Canary Exchange and earn its native CNR token which you can then trade or use for providing liquidity earning even more. Oh, this is getting so exciting!

Canary Academy

Canary Exchange launches a series of educational easy reading articles to increase awareness around DeFi in line with our mission to change the world by helping people take control of their financial well-being.


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